Top 8 Shark Tank Facts!

Here are some amazing facts from Shark Tank. Check Them Out.

1. Where did Shark Tank actually start from?

Dragon’s Den UK
The first version of “Shark Tank” aired in Japan in 2001, and it was called “Money Tigers.” The show was then picked up in the UK and called “Dragons’ Den.” In 2006, Canada made their own version under the same name.

2. How much old is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank USA
The Actual Shark Tank first aired in the USA on August 9, 2009. It is now in its 13th Season.

3. It’s tough to be a Shark.

Besides being wealthy enough to invest in pitches, the sharks have to listen to six to eight pitches per day for 10 to 12 hours.

4. Less than half number of pitches are actually aired.

The number of episodes shot and the number of episodes shown on television has a huge numerical difference. Actually, this is done to reduce the number of useless pitches(with useless ideas) which didn’t receive any investment from any of the sharks and are not honorable enough to be shown in front of such a mass of people.

5. Many pitches receive investment from the Sharks who rejected them in Shark Tank.

In the episodes, we generally see on television many pitches with good ideas and innovations get rejected by the sharks for an investment in their businesses. But many times it is seen that sharks get engaged in a deal with them outside Shark Tank in a private manner.

6. It is very hard to appear on the show.

The show receives more than thousands of applications for each season. Out of all the applications, very few get a chance to show up before the sharks through an audition round. This shows the craze for the show all around the globe.

7. When contestants arrive in the tank they can’t speak up to 60 seconds.

In order for the cameras to get every angle of the entrepreneurs when they first enter, they are not allowed to speak for a full minute. They have to stare silently at the sharks.

8. Along with Shark Tank USA, Shark Tank has aired in 5 more countries.

Shark Tank India
Shark Tank aired in other countries are :
  • Shark Tank Australia — 2015
  • Shark Tank Mexico — 2016
  • Shark Tank Colombia — 2018
  • Shark Tank Vietnam — 2017
  • Shark Tank India — 2021
Shark Tank Nepal and Shark Tank Malta are going to be aired this 2022.

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